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Flag - Sons of Liberty
With the motto No Taxation Without Representation the Sons of Liberty was a clandestine group operating in the Thirteen Colonies known for fighting the Stamp Act in 1765 and throughout the Revolutionary War period. The name itself was coined by Irishman Colonel Isaac Barre to describe colonists opposing British policies.

The group was founded in Boston in August of 1765. By the spring of 1766 the group had spread across the colonies from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island into Maryland and Virginia.

The Sons of Liberty popularized the punishment of tarring and feathering enemies, with many British stamp distributors resigning rather than face groups like the Sons of Liberty. The group frequently set up Liberty Poles and held meetings around these as well as designated Liberty Trees. One of the most famous events related to the Sons of Liberty was the Boston based group's Boston Tea Party in response to the 1773 Tea Act.

Many prominent men were members of the Sons of Liberty including Generals, doctors, financiers and several signers of the Declaration of Independence. An original Sons of Liberty flag is held in Boston at the Old State House.

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